4R25 PJ996 Lantern Battery 6V 7Ah

4R25 PJ996 Lantern Battery 6V 7Ah

Model No.︰4R25 6V 7Ah


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5000 pc

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Product Description


1. Normal capacity: 6V 7Ah 

2. Fuction: High capacity

3. Jacket: Plastic

4. Shelf life: 2 years

5. Terminal: Protruding positive(+) and flat negative (-) contacts

6. Application: All electronic devices toys, photographic equipment, data bank, calculators,audio appliances, remote        controls, paging machines (hot sale)

7.High working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life (more than 500 cycles), no memory effect, low self discharge, environment friendly.

8.advantages  1) Low price, better service
                           2) Mercury, cadmium, lead free
                           3) Quality Approved, RoHS, CE, SGS, EMC Approved
                           4) Guarantee/Warranty
                           5) Prompt Delivery 
                           6) Excellent Resistance to Leakage
                           7) OEM available

Payment Terms︰ LC,TT,DP

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